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And the winner is…


I tallied your votes, submitted both on and off the blog, and the consensus is…



Super exciting.  It seems that the tropical destination, all-inclusive price (read: no hidden costs) and general cool-ness of this locale spoke to you all in the same way it spoke to me.

Plus, who in their right minds would turn down horseback riding through the rainforest?  I mean, ‘scuse. 

Not this city-slickin’-Texan, that’s for sure.

And I’m hoping it’ll be the one thing I’m able to do better than KnightlyBoyfriend, who is obnoxiously perfect at everything he does the first time he does it.

We’ll keep you posted in the fall about whether we can swing it!  Thanks for voting, guys!

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Vacation Hunters


I have a mission for you. But first, some background (because I’m nothing if not long-winded).

Six years ago, this brute convinced me he didn’t have cooties. 


Didn’t hurt that he was cute :)

Fast forward to today.  Although we share countless memories of wonderful time spent together, and we’ve done a lot of fun things…

Trips to the Cape


Skiing in Maine


Countless trips to Texas

image image


And even a few stints in good ‘ole NYC


We have yet to take a vacation together.  Like, a real vacation.  Together.  Alone.  In six years.  

That’s not ok.

New experiences are important for every relationship, and we agree that we deserve a vacation (one that does not involve driving to a location 3 hours away or flying me home).  The hitch in the plan is that this year’s To Do list includes buying a house and wedding / baby festivities, so extra funds and the time needed to take a vacation are scarce. 

We’ve been using the tips for cheap travel I mentioned yesterday to price out trips to three different locations.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to put in your vote for where we should go. 

(Disclaimer: It’s entirely possible we won’t follow through with the winning location.  We will not have time to go anywhere special until the fall, and where we go – if we can go somewhere – will be based entirely on funds, time, and the house situation.  BUT!!!  I’m interested to hear your input, and it will be fun!  It’s like House Hunters, but for vacations!!  WOO HOO!!!)

Vote via blog comments, Twitter, Facebook or email.  I’ll tally up the results and announce the winner next Friday.  You have a whole week to vote. 

Trip #1: Tropical Paradise



There have been some great fares to and from Puerto Rico (direct from Boston) popping up lately, so that’s what we’ve been looking into.  Puerto Rico could easily be replaced with Costa Rica, St. Lucia, Grenada or any other islands that have rainforest.  What can I say, I want waterfalls :)


Ok, so here’s the breakdown of pricing for our trip to Puerto Rico.

  • Four nights lodging in a 4-star (we like to live it up) all-inclusive resort + airfare = $925.48 (via JetBlue)
  • Round trip airport transfers: $100
  • Horseback riding adventure through the rainforest: $230
  • Half day of deep sea fishing: $300

TOTAL: $1555, or $777 per person (which includes everything, even food)

Pros: Rainforest, tropical, ocean, no hidden costs

Cons: The most expensive trip

Tip: Check out to find really affordable packages to and from various Caribbean islands.  They allow you to book excursions as part of your trip, so you can pay for the entire thing in advance.

Trip #2: Fast-Paced in the City

Oh you KNOW what this involves…here’s a hint – what happens there, STAYS there.



There are ALWAYS outstanding deals to and from Vegas.  I get the feeling (but I don’t know for sure, so don’t quote me on this) that Vegas has been hit hard by the economy.  Their entire system seems to rely on tourism and disposable income, and since people have less of that nowadays, I think they’re trying to offer great packages to stimulate that industry.

Works for me.

The problem is, we would be flying to Vegas from BOSTON.  That’s a 6 hour flight for three nights…that’s a huge expense and a LOT of flying for such a short stint.

Breakdown of costs:

  • 3 nights in the Venetian (5 stars) + airfare: $1304 (via a site I found through Sherman’s Travel Top 25, a site I mentioned yesterday)
  • Our package includes free limo service to and from the airport, 20% off breakfast or brunch, $30 off a bill of $60 or more, $35 off a 50-min massage, complimentary line pass and admission, and 2-for-1 drinks at the nightclub: FREE
  • Food, drink, gambling, activities (shows): TBD

TOTAL: $1304, or $652/person

Pros: It would be a BLAST, and it’s affordable.  Since the cost doesn’t include food, drinks, etc. we would be able to pay for the trip in advance and have time to save spending money before we go.  It’s 3 days so it wouldn’t interfere too much with work.

Cons: The cost doesn’t include food, drink and activities, and therefore is not representative of the total cost.  Also, it’s a long flight and the shortest trip.

Trip #3: The Pilgrimage

You may be aware with my obsession with Harry Potter.

With the series TRULY coming to a close this summer (yes, I KNOW the books ended a couple years ago, but this will be the last year of waiting for more.  It all ends in July.), it would be the ideal time to make the pilgrimage to Wizarding World.  (YES, I KNOW Harry Potter is an English thing, but as we can’t afford to jet set to London anytime soon, we will take Wizarding World).


Just looking at it gets me all giddy. 

KnightlyBoyfriend hopped on the Harry Potter train (one might call it the Hogwarts Express…heh) right before the sixth book, and has loved it as much as I do ever since.  We waited for and read books together and saw 3 (soon to be 4) midnight movies together, and going to Wizarding World together would really be special. 


We could also go to Disney World (I’ve never been…I KNOW…pick your jaw up off the floor).  It would also allow us to tap into our inner kids, making for a really FUN vacation.

Also, going in early fall will be perfect because the weather will still be warm, and all the kiddies and their fanny pack-toting parents will be back in school.


  • Flights (JetBlue): $400 (we might be able to find cheaper, but they have great Boston to Florida deals so we’re going to go with them for now)
  • Hotel (4 nights, 4 stars, located 1 mile from Disney and offering special access deals and shuttles): $350 (probably closer to $200 or $250 if we used the Priceline tool)
  • 1-day Wizarding World passes: $164
  • 2-day Disney passes: $216
  • Rental car: $80
  • Food, drink, etc.: TBD

TOTAL: $1210, or $605 per person.

Pros: It would be light-hearted and playful, and something we’d both really enjoy – this trip would be very “us.”  It is also the least expensive option. AND!!  We could spread out when we purchase trip components, making it easier to pay for it over time.

Cons: There are a lot of hidden costs, like the expensive food/drinks at the amusement parks.  Orlando is also an hour away from the ocean, so it’s not like we can just chill on the beach and sip cocktails from coconuts.  Also, it’s less exotic than the other two locations.

Question of the Day: So which trip should we go on?  Cast your vote via blog comment, Twitter (@knightlyratings), Facebook or email.

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