Just Another Manic Marathon Monday

Not being a native Bostonian (and being the kind of person that only works out to support my hobby of eating everything in sight), I’ve never really understood the hype surrounding the Boston Marathon.  It’s always been one of those “oh it’s cool, but I don’t really think too much about it” kind of things. 

But things are different this year.  I now live in the city I’ve always loved so much, and the pride surrounding this great tradition is contagious.  My office gets Marathon Monday off every year, and rather than sleeping in, I bounded out of bed at 8:30am (I am NOT an early riser, so this is a freak occurrence) to watch the pre-marathon coverage. 

While watching the coverage, I thought to myself,

Wow, look at all these people cheering from their front lawns.  How cool would it be to live on the race route…?”

And then I realized, oh wait…we do!  Then I ran outside just in time to see Josh Cassidy FLY THE EFF by and soar through the finish line.



If you blinked, you would’ve missed him.

Then, I went home, watched some more footage, and ran back outside to see the elite women and men run through.  By then the crowds had thickened significantly, and finding a place in front was damn near impossible.


(Like, seriously?  I’m 5’2”.  I can’t see over you.  I may be small, but I’m a Tazmanian devil with a temper and I WILL CUT YOU.)

I weaseled my way in there and snapped a few photos.  I’m happy to report that I did not injure any poor and innocent patrons just minding their own business in the process.

The women:






The men:


(The winning male.)




Very cool experience, and I will never underestimate how incredible the Boston Marathon is again.  In fact, I had a moment of grandeur where I thought about running it myself one day (I skipped over the part about training and then running enough marathons to BQ because it’s my daydream and in my daydream world I just run the Boston Marathon.  Whatever.)

Then I remembered that I have to run 5.5 miles with only four weeks left to train and I felt like having a vomitpalooza.

Where did you watch the Boston Marathon?

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